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I’m an artist at heart working to build healthy alternatives to mainstream society living. I’m a consensus-oriented, “green” individual striving for sanity and sustainability and right livelihood while having a fantastic and juicy time of it! I’m community-minded, all-embracing, and right brained. I insist on radical self-awareness and actualization. I like to keep my life running in a practical and sacred way. I’m a mom to 4 amazing and wonderful almost grown children and one very smart and sweet grandson. I have a significant other and I keep a very tight circle of friends. I love animals. I have a St. Bernard, a Cocker Spaniel, two rescued kittens, and an Amazon parrot. I can be a very spontaneous, musical, and movement-oriented. I can create a celebration out of anything or nothing at a whim. I love life. I follow bliss wherever I find it. I like to eat vegetarian whenever possible and try to live healthy. I try not to let money influence my decisions in life. I get along great with people who keep their minds open.


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