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A friend of mine posted a status on Facebook which said “Since when was it okay to say The Gays” and it got me thinking that I have heard thatmore often recently.  Hm.  What does that mean?  Seriously!?!  Tell me!!!! Give me a perspective other than my own because my own isn’t that great!   I have two perspectives on this actually.  The first one is that we are an entity unto ourselves, like we’re from some exotic island somewhere – Gay Island, maybe (okay that MIGHT just be fun!).    Back in the day, you know, before things were “more equal”  it was The Blacks, The Womenfolk, etc….which I might add is and was completely unacceptable on any account.  So we don’t use that terminology much anymore as a general good rule!  But, we do say The Gays in all arenas still…television shows, political conversations, backyard barbeques, etc.  When I questioned my friend’s status update he said he heard it on a popular reality show where they were talking about a wedding  and how THE GAYS have great taste, good fashion, etc.  Even in such a “positive” context it still feels outrageous and selective.  It feels like segregation.

The other option as explanation is maybe the world caught on to the “family” concept.  Maybe they’re using it in the context like one would say The Jones’ or The Smith’s….you know, The Gays!  That would be cozy now wouldn’t it?   I tend to disagree.  If you know my family and can make comments then cool.  But The Gays would be a big ole family and quite frankly we don’t all have good fashion, know how to throw parties, or know the best club music.  Some of us would like to think we do and ride high on the coat tails of those insinuations but it’s just not true and I hope this isn’t breaking anyone heart to find out the truth! 🙂

In any context it’s a big fat stereotype and I wonder if people even realize what they’re saying.  Maybe they do realize and feel it’s cool and trendy, I don’t know.  I could beat this one into the ground but I have to go get dinner now.  I’m thinking a big fat gay cheeseburger would be nice.  :)))  Blah.


And Here We Are

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Well, here I sit.  I’ve had many a blog about different things, some private and some public.  Most recently I’ve grown a private one into my love child but there is just SO many words inside this caffeine soaked head of mine that I decided it was time to have more than one and indulge the side of myself that is absolutely dying to just talk and talk a lot.

So, here I am.  Let’s just do a little summary for sake of formality.  I am a raging lesbian.  Not raging in the sense of being angry, but raging in the sense of being driven and passionate about who I am and who I’ve become.  I am probably the most confusing lesbian you’ll ever get to know.  Why, you ask?  (And I know you did!)  Well, because I have four almost grown children, one baby grandson, and I live in the middle of  Iowa and most people don’t realize I’m anything but straight until I open my mouth and speak.  Hello!   How I got here is a long story that I’m sure will find way on the pages of this crazy site but for now, that’s the opening story.

Oh.  And the other thing you should know is I’m highly in love with coffee.  I talk about it a lot.  I talk about how it makes me feel crazy and beautiful and how much I get stuff done and what kind I’m going to have next.  This blog was actually going to be called Caffeinated Me but it just seemed to give it all away at once.  Or as they say here in God’s Country, I was afraid I was giving away the farm for free.  Yes, I like those kitschy little sayings because I’m not originally from here and they amuse me at least for a moment.

So welcome to my world, my head, my little cyber coffee shop in the cyber sky.  I’m glad to be here and I’m glad for the company so sit down with me and let’s do this!